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Back to school facts
Fun Fact #1: Poppin' in the USA
Don't forget to fuel up on fun and Doc Popcorn!

POP quiz! How much popped popcorn is needed to stretch from New York City to Los Angeles? 

Give up? It would take a whopping 352,028,160 pieces of popped popcorn to stretch from NYC to Los Angeles! It's a trail of popcorn 2,451 miles long.

While it would certainly be a yummy trip, a better use for all of that popcorn would be a better for you after school snack!

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12 gallons of Popcorn per person
Fun Fact #2: How much Popcorn does the average American consume?
Hint: It's a lot of popcorn...and smiles!

Did you know the average American consumes more than 12 gallons of Popcorn per person, per year?

That's three big tins of Doc Popcorn or 12 tiny tins, all to yourself (hey, no one said you had to share!) 

That sure is a lot of popcorn...but we're pretty sure Doc Popcorn fans eat more 😊 Once you smell the yummy popcorn and try our tasty flavors, we think it's pretty hard not to eat more popcorn!

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Fun Fact #3: Pop It Up
One, two, POP!

Sure, popcorn kernels may be small, but they can certainly pack a big POP! Do you know how many feet in the air a popcorn kernel can pop?

Popcorn kernels can pop a whopping THREE feet in the air. That's pretty high for such a little kernel. While he wasn't a Colonel (or a kernel), circus performer General Tom Thumb was about three feet tall!

Three feet is also the perfect height for popcorn to pop right in the mouths of a hungry kindergartener after a busy day of finger-painting!

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