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Pop Quiz!
simple pop learns the state capital of kentucky
A Capital Question!

Q:Simple Pop is leanring the state capitals. She was wondering how to pronounce the capital of Kentucky - is it "lewis-ville" or "loo-ee-ville"?

A: Actually the capital of Kentucky is FRANKFORT! So, Simple Pop was pronouncing it completely wrong either way...

Nice Twist!
Cheesy cheddar off on vacation
Pack you bags & your E-Ticket!

Q: Cheesy Cheddar spent his vacation traveling the world. He visited three countries that all started with the letter "E." None of them were in Africa...What countries did he visit?

A: We would accept:

  • El Salvador
  • Ecuador
  • Estonia
  • England (United Kingdom)
  • East Timor (Timor-Leste)


Geography Makes Me Hungry!
Cat's a lot of popcorn.
It's the cat's meow

Q: If a small bag of caramel bliss weighs 12 ounces and an 8 week old kitten weighs 1 1/2 pounds, How many kittens does it take to balance a see-saw with 10 bags of caramel bliss on one side?

A: It would take 5 adorable kittens!

(A 1 1/2 pound kitten = 24 ounces; 10 bags of caramel bliss = 120 ounces; 5 x 24 = 120!)

Order some right meow!