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Step 1: Choose your pop plan

First, select one of the options below.

3 Month Pop Pack

3 Month Pop Plan

Choose 1 Flavor Profile

6 Month Pop Pack

6 Month Pop Plan

Choose 2 Flavor Profiles

9 Month Pop Pack

9 Month Pop Plan

Choose 3 Flavor Profiles

12 Month Pop Pack

12 Month Pop Plan

Get all 4 Flavor Profiles

Step Two: Choose Your Flavor Profile

You choose the flavors, we pop, pack and ship directly to you.

Class Flavor Profile

Classic Pops

  • Better Butter
  • Cheesy Cheddar
  • Caramel Bliss
Sweet Flavor Profile


  • Sweet Butter
  • Klassic Kettle
  • Apple Crisp
Mixed Flavor Profile


  • Southwest Mix
  • Denver Mix
  • French Toast
Mystery Flavor Profile


  • We choose the flavors! Includes one Seasonal Flavor!

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